Social Events

EventThere are usually ten or twelve Social Events held every year.  These range from Quiz Nights and Race Evenings to rambles and tours of various places of interest.

Our quizzes are usually well attended and are great fun and although we are all eager to win, we don’t take it too seriously.

Race Nights are a new innovation for us and with the aid of DVD’s we can experience the fun and excitement of a horse or greyhound race in the warmth and comfort of our own hall.  Plus there is always the chance of winning.

Often we have a themed evening.  In the past we have enjoyed a French Evening where we donned a beret and enjoyed typical French Cuisine.  (One of our congregation even dressed as a Can-Can dancer though that wasn’t obligatory).

The Indian Evening was a great success when after Poppodoms and mixed pickles we had a chance to try a selection of Indian dishes prepared by our English chef wearing a turban to give the occasion authenticity.

Italian and Chinese evenings have all been well received and enjoyed as was a traditional Pie and Mash night complete with Jellied eels.

Musical evenings, Beetle Drives, talks by a Pantomime Dame and an actor. And just general fun evenings.

Ring our Social Secretary for news of our forthcoming events.  You will enjoy a friendly atmosphere and warm welcome.