Sunday School


What does Sunday School at All Saints mean?

For those who have never been, please take a Sunday morning out and join us.

Sunday School for children aged between 2-14 meets every Sunday during Morning Service.  It is led by a team of Christian leaders and is bible based and promotes Christian values.  Along with teaching and prayer time we include crafts, games, puzzles, quizzes and other activities which enable the children to have fun together whilst learning more about Jesus.

Children can learn about the stories from the Bible, and also God’s love for every one, in a way that they can relate to. Our great Sunday School staff, teachers, crèche aunties and those behind the scenes, all contribute to give the children the background they need to become thoughtful Christians.

So come along and join in the fun. We learn through activity, stories, songs, mime, craft and much much more. Parents are welcome to attend to see what happens. Take your children into church at 10am first, then the teachers will take them to Sunday School at the appropriate time.

The children then come back into church for the Blessing. If you find you are a bit late don’t worry, you can take them straight into the Vestry Hall if the others have already left church. (If you do not attend church yourself they can still join Sunday School).

Why not pay us a visit? If you come into church you will be welcomed and you can sit anywhere you wish, except up in the choir pews or behind the altar. We would like to see many more children in the pews and at Sunday School at All Saints. Please come and give it a try.